The Toe Ring Sizes Chart In comparison to Your Foot and Shoe

The toe ring size does not differ much from the general ring size chart. Nevertheless, there are some additional tips for choosing your best option. Measuring the circumference of your toe is of course the best way to get the right size. However, measure your toe in two places:

  1. The place where the ring is on the toe.
  2. The widest part of the toe.

Because it is annoying when a ring is too tight to put on, but too loose to rest in the right place. Therefore, choose a slightly larger size than the center. Discover the complete toe ring size chart below.

Choose your toe ring size by shoe size

Research shows that the circumference of your toe correlates with the size of your foot. Measuring is of course a better guarantee. However, if you don’t have the time, you can choose the ring size based on your shoe size.

Please note that this concerns the ring size of the second toe (i.e. next to the largest). The average toe ring size for women is 3 to 5. For men, the average size is 5 to 7 for toe rings.

Toe Rings Sizes Chart by Shoe Size

US / Canada Toe ring sizeAverage shoe size USAverage shoe size EUCircumference in mmCircumference in inches
363744.14 mm1.74 inch
3.573845.40 mm1.79 inch
483946.68 mm1.84 inch
4.594047.97 mm1.89 inch
5104149.32 mm1.94 inch
5.5114250.58 mm1.99 inch
6124351.87 mm2.04 inch
6.5134453.16 mm2.09 inch
7144554.51 mm2.15 inch
7.5154655.76 mm2.20 inch
8164757.15 mm2.25 inch
8.5174858.21 mm2.29 inch
9184959.34 mm2.35 inch

You can get a complete overview of all ring sizes here.

Thumb and Big toe ring sizes Chart

Thumb and big toe ring sizeCircumference in mmCircumference in inches
9.560.98 mm2.40 inch
1062.33 mm2.45 inch
10.563.46 mm2.50 inch
1164.97 mm2.56 inch
11.566.22 mm2.61 inch
1267.51 mm2.66 inch
12.568.77 mm2.71 inch
1370.15 mm2.76 inch

Does the style matter for measurement?

Ultimately, you always look at the diameter of the ring. So if there is a pearl or diamond on the toe ring, it has no effect on the size. Nevertheless, the width is more important in this case.

For example, in the photo below you can see that the accessory rests on the toe in two places.

toe ring size chart comparison shoe size

There are also many adjustable sizes. This is usually about toe rings that are connected with an anklet. For example, like in the image below. In this case, the measurement also needs to be less accurate.

Toe ring size chart adjustable

The History Of Wearing Toe Accessories

For centuries, toe rings have been worn as a sign of wealth and status. But their history is much more complicated than that.

The earliest evidence of toe rings dates back to ancient Egypt, where they were often worn by royalty and the wealthy. In fact, many Egyptian queens had their toes adorned with gold rings. Toe rings were also common among the upper class in ancient Rome, Greece, and India.

Now, the trend has resurfaced in a big way and is common among celebrities. Get a look at the toe ring size chart above and get yours as well.

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