Ring Size Chart in Inches, MM and International Guide

In this guide, I will go over the different measurements of the best ring size. This circumference or diameter is usually shown in MM or inches. However, ring sizes have different designations that may vary by country. For example, think of USA, Canada, EU, UK, Australian and India sizes. So to simplify this I have collected all the information from experts and put it in these tables. In this way you can discover the ring size chart you need below! Furthermore, you will find out how to measure the ideal finger circumference.

Ring Size Chart with international dimensions

In this article we look at:

Explore the different ring sizes to find the right circumference for you. Then we give tips to help you choose, because no person is the same.

US and Canada ring size in Inches and MM

First let’s look at the ring size chart for US and Canada from small to large. The smallest dimensions are better suited for babies and children.

Small ring size for kids and babies

Children’s rings usually measure from 0.5 to 5 inches. So, the diameter varies from 12 to 15 mm. That is ideal for a finger circumference of 37.8 to 48.7 mm.

US / Canada Ring sizeCircumference in mmDiameter in mmCircumference in inchesDiameter in inches
000031.13 mm9.91 mm1.22 inch0.39 inch
0033.68 mm10.72 mm1.39 inch0.44 inch
036.22 mm11.53 mm1.43 inch0,45 inch
0.537.54 mm11.95 mm1.49 inch0.47 inch
138.86 mm12.37 mm1.53 inch0.49 inch
1.540.15 mm12.78 mm1.58 inch0.50 inch
241.50 mm13.21 mm1.63 inch0.52 inch
2.542.76 mm13.61 mm1.68 inch0.54 inch
344.14 mm14.05 mm1.74 inch0.55 inch
3.545.40 mm14.45 mm1.79 inch0.57 inch
446.68 mm14.86 mm1.84 inch0.59 inch
4.547.97 mm15.27 mm1.89 inch0.60 inch
549.32 mm15.70 mm1.94 inch0.62 inch
Choose the best ring size for childeren

US ring size 0000 to 0.5 is for babies. Is your child 1 to 3 years old? Then on average people choose US size 1 to 2. Furthermore, with the age of 3 to 6 years, the best size is around 2.5. Childeren in the age of 6 to 9 years mostly choose US size 3 to 3.5. Finally, ring size 4 or 5 are great for teens in the age of 8 to 14 years.

Average ring size for men and women

The average ring size for men is 8.5 US size. Therefore, it will not surprise you that the average women’s ring is size 6.5 in Canada and the United States.

US / Canada ring sizeCircumference in mmDiameter in mmCircumference in inchesDiameter in inches
5.550.58 mm16.10 mm1.99 inch0.63 inch
651.87 mm16.51 mm2.04 inch0.65 inch
6.553.16 mm16.92 mm2.09 inch0.66 inch
754.51 mm17.35 mm2.15 inch0.68 inch
7.555.76 mm17.75 mm2.20 inch0.69 inch
857.15 mm18.19 mm2.25 inch0.71 inch
8.558.21 mm18.53 mm2.29 inch0.73 inch
959.34 mm18.89 mm2.35 inch0.75 inch
9.560.98 mm19.41 mm2.40 inch0.76 inch
1062.33 mm19.84 mm2.45 inch0.78 inch
10.563.46 mm20.20 mm2.50 inch0.79 inch
1164.97 mm20.68 mm2.56 inch0.81 inch
11.566.22 mm21.08 mm2.61 inch0.83 inch
1267.51 mm21.49 mm2.66 inch0.85 inch
12.568.77 mm21.89 mm2.71 inch0.86 inch
1370.15 mm22.33 mm2.76 inch0.88 inch

Big ring sizes in US and Canada

Last but not least, big ring sizes are also available. Usually this goes up to size 16 which has a circumference of 3.07 Inches and a diameter of 0.98 Inches.

US / Canada ring sizeCircumference in mmDiameter in mmCircumference in inchesDiameter in inches
13.571.00 mm22.60 mm2.80 inch0.89 inch
1472.76 mm23.16 mm2.86 inch0.91 inch
14.573.98 mm23.55 mm2.91 inch0.93 inch
1575.40 mm24 mm2.97 inch0.94 inch
15.576.69 mm24.41 mm3.02 inch0.96 inch
1678 mm24.83 mm3.07 inch0.98 inch

EU ring sizes circumference and diameter in MM

In Europe there are different countries with different size charts. You will find them below. Do you want the official ISO 8653:2016 standard? You can buy it through the link.

Complete EU size chart

EU ring size – FranceCircumference in mmDiameter in mm
3737 mm11,78 mm
3838 mm12,09 mm
38.538,5 mm12,25 mm
3939 mm12,41 mm
4040 mm12,73 mm
4141 mm13,05 mm
4242 mm13,37 mm
42.542,41 mm13,50 mm
4343 mm13,69 mm
4444 mm14,01 mm
4545 mm14,32 mm
4646 mm14,64 mm
4747 mm14,96 mm
4848 mm15,28 mm
4949 mm15,60 mm
5050 mm15,92 mm
5151 mm16,23 mm
5252 mm16,55 mm
52.552,46 mm16,70 mm
5353 mm16,87 mm
5454 mm17,19 mm
5555 mm17,56 mm
5656 mm17,83 mm
5757 mm18,14 mm
57.557,50 mm18,30 mm
5858 mm18,46 mm
5959 mm18,78 mm
6060 mm19,10 mm
6161 mm19,42 mm
6262 mm19,74 mm
6363 mm20,05 mm
6464 mm20,37 mm
6565 mm20,69 mm
6666 mm21,01 mm
6767 mm21,33 mm
67.567,50 mm21,49 mm
6868 mm21,65 mm
6969 mm21,96 mm
7070 mm22,28 mm
7171 mm22,60 mm
7272 mm22,92 mm
7373 mm23,24 mm
74.574,5 mm23,70 mm
7575 mm23,90 mm
7676 mm24,19 mm

EU – Swiss / German ring size chart

However, many countries also measure with the German dimensions. They are shown below to give you a complete picture.

Swiss / German ring sizeCircumference in mmDiameter in mm
1237,80 mm12 mm
12.539,30 mm12,5 mm
1340.84 mm13 mm
13.542.41 mm13,5 mm
1443.98 mm14 mm
14.545,55 mm14,5 mm
1547,12 mm15 mm
15.548,69 mm15,5 mm
1650,27 mm16 mm
16.551,87 mm16,5 mm
1753,41 mm17 mm
17.554,98 mm17,5 mm
1856,55 mm18 mm
18.558,12 mm18,5 mm
1959,69 mm19 mm
19.561,26 mm19,5 mm
2062,83 mm20 mm
20.564,40 mm20,5 mm
2165,97 mm21 mm
21.567,51 mm21,5 mm
2269,12 mm22 mm
22.570,69 mm22,5 mm
2372,26 mm23 mm
23.573,83 mm23,5 mm
2475,40 mm24 mm
24.577,00 mm24,5 mm
2578,54 mm25 mm

Britain UK ring size chart

Britain ring sizeCircumference in mmDiameter in mm
A37.80 mm12.04 mm
B39.10 mm12.45 mm
C40.40 mm12.85 mm
D41.70 mm13.26 mm
E42.90 mm13.67 mm
F44.20 mm14.07 mm
G45.50 mm14.48 mm
H46.80 mm14.88 mm
I48.00 mm15.29 mm
J48.70 mm15.49 mm
K50.00 mm15.90 mm
L51.20 mm16.31 mm
M52.50 mm16.71 mm
N53.80 mm17.12 mm
O55.10 mm17.53 mm
P56.30 mm17.93 mm
Q57.60 mm18.34 mm
R58.90 mm18.75 mm
S60.20 mm19.15 mm
T61.40 mm19.56 mm
U62.70 mm19.96 mm
V64.00 mm20.37 mm
W65.30 mm20.78 mm
X66.60 mm21.18 mm
Y67.80 mm21.59 mm
Z68.50 mm21.79 mm

Asian ring dimensions chart (Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau)

Asian ring size
Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau
Circumference in mmDiameter in mm
037.80 mm12.04 mm
140.84 mm13 mm
241.88 mm13.33 mm
342.91 mm13.66 mm
443.98 mm14 mm
545.02 mm14.33 mm
646.06 mm14.66 mm
747.12 mm15 mm
848.16 mm15.33 mm
949.20 mm15.66 mm
1050.27 mm16 mm
1151.30 mm16.33 mm
1252.34 mm16.66 mm
1353.41 mm17 mm
1454.44 mm17.33 mm
1555.48 mm17.66 mm
1656.55 mm18 mm
1757.59 mm18.33 mm
1858.62 mm18.66 mm
1959.69 mm19 mm
2060.73 mm19.33 mm
2161.76 mm19.66 mm
2262.83 mm20 mm
2363.87 mm20.33 mm
2464.91 mm20.66 mm
2565.97 mm21 mm
2667.01 mm21.33 mm
2768.05 mm21.66 mm
2869.12 mm22 mm
2970.15 mm22.33 mm
3071.19 mm22.66 mm
3172.26 mm23 mm
3273.29 mm23.33 mm
3374.33 mm23.66 mm
3475.40 mm24 mm
3576.43 mm24.33 mm
3677.47 mm24.66 mm
3778.54 mm25 mm

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Furthermore, you can also read more about other jewelry sizing.

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