Hoop Earring Size Chart With Helpful Images Comparison

It is sometimes difficult to visualize how big a loop earring is. Therefore, the hoop earring size chart is a visual representation of the different sizes of hoops. It is also a converter between millimeters and inches to give you a complete overview. So discover the comparison below to measure the perfect loop.

Size chart of Hoop Earrings in MM and Inches

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loop hoop earring sizes chart 30 130 mm comparison

Size table of hoop earrings converter in MM and Inches

Always measure the space between the hole in your ear and the bottom of your ear, if you are looking for a small size.

Hoop earring size in MMHoop earring size in InchesMeasurement typeAdvice
10 mm0.39 inchXXSFor kids
12 mm0.47 inchXXSWith diamonds
15 mm0.59 inchXSKids and teens
20 mm0.79 inchSSmall faces
25 mm0.98 inchSEveryday wear
30 mm1.18 inchMMid-size
35 mm1.38 inchMAverage hoop size
40 mm1.57 inchMMore striking
45 mm1.77 inchMMedium for tall person
50 mm1.97 inchLClassic large loop
55 mm2.17 inchLStriking large
60 mm2.36 inchLLarge for tall person
65 mm2.56 inchLOversized hoop
70 mm2.76 inchLOutstanding
75 mm2.95 inchLStill chic
80 mm3.15 inchXLClassic XL Hoop
85 mm3.35 inchXLStriking XL
90 mm3.54 inchXLXL for long neck
95 mm3.74 inchXLCasual look
100 mm1.81 inchXL
110 mm1.89 inchXXL
120 mm3.94 inchXXLTouches shoulder
130 mm5.12 inchXXL
140 mm5.51 inchXXLTouches collarbone

Comparison of hoop earring measurements on the ear

To give you a better idea of the hoop earring size chart, you will find a photo of each diameter below. Because millimeters are usually used, we choose this representation. However, please pay attention to this when buying. Because it could also be displayed in centimeters or inches.

Guide for different types from XXS to XXL

Finally, we can distinguish various types. For example, when do you wear large or small ring earrings? We would like to answer the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice.

Tinny ring earrings: XS up to 15 mm (0.59 inch)

The small ring earrings are a big trend in jewelry. These models have a diameter of up to 15 millimeters (1 inch). Usually they are slightly thicker and, for example, provided with diamonds.

Of course, the size till 12 mm (0.47 inch) is also often worn by children. In that case there is more space between the earlobe and the ring. Nevertheless, there are plenty of great options for adults.

The 15 mm hoop ring is most often worn by men.

Party on-ear
2 XXS types and 1 slightly bigger.

Small hoops: S from 20 – 25 mm (0.79 – 0.98 inch)

The small hoop is an ideal size for everyday wear. The dimensions are modest, but also easy to expand with hangers. You can also see that in the photo below. Usually S is also a bit thicker than the L and XL. In this way it gives narrow faces more volume and it stands out more.

Small design of 20 mm

Medium size hoops: M from 30 – 45 mm (1.18 – 1.77 inch)

The average hoop earring size for women is 35 mm (1.38 inch). It’s the classic design you see a lot. You can also expand this with charms and pendants. Furthermore, it’s also an easy size that fits different clothing styles.

Women brown hair
Small design of 35 mm

Large hoop earrings: L from 50 – 75 mm (1.97 – 2.95 inch)

The L design is often thin, but striking. In all its simplicity, it draws attention to the wearer’s face. The size varies from 50mm to 75mm. In addition, this model also fits well with a free neck in combination with, for example, a shirt. Furthermore, the special thing about this design is that it also gives the wearer extra spice.

Women white shirt close-up
60 mm

XXL Loops: 80 – 140 mm (3.15 – 5.51 inch)

Finally, we have the XL and XXL loops for people who like the bigger the better. For example, the 80 mm is the classic XL Hoop. Forget the other earrings and jewelry in this case. The best thing is when the attention is fully focused on these earrings.

Keep in mind that this circumference is mainly for a casual look and is less suitable for a meeting or business occasion. As you can see in the photo, for this one it is also beautiful in combination with bare shoulders.

black women smile drink
120 mm

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