Bracelet Bangle Size – Find The Best Fit

A bangle size is an important factor to consider when purchasing this bracelet. It is not just the length of the bangle that matter, but also the width. Furthermore, the size of your wrist and hand are also important factors to consider. Because this bracelet does not always have a closure.

How to measure bangle size

Bracelet Bangle Size Chart and how to measure

The size of a bangle is very similar to the general bracelet size. If it has a closure, it is better to choose this measurement. Otherwise, you should also consider your hand size.

Complete bangle size chart in cm

Bangle typeHand size in cmBangle size in cmBangle Diameter
XXS15 cm16 cm5.08 cm
Extra small16 cm17 cm5.4 cm
Small17 cm18 cm5.7 cm
Medium18 cm19 cm6.0 cm
Medium plus19 cm20 cm6.4 cm
Large20 cm21 cm6.7 cm
Large plus21 cm22 cm7.0 cm
XL22 cm23 cm7.3 cm
XXL23 cm24 cm7.5 cm

Complete bangle size chart in inches

Bangle typeHand size in inchesBangle size in inchesBangle Diameter
XXS5.9 inch6.27 inch2 inch
Extra small6.3 inch6.67 inch2.125 inch
Small6.7 inch7.06 inch2.250 inch
Medium7.1 inch7.45 inch2.375 inch
Medium plus7.5 inch7.85 inch2.5 inch
Large7.9 inch8.24 inch2.625 inch
Large plus8.3 inch8.63 inch2.750 inch
XL8.7 inch9.02 inch2.875 inch
XXL9.1 inch9.42 inch3.0 inch

How to measure your hand for the right fit

For bangles it is important to use the hand size instead of the wrist size if they don’t have a closure. They come in many different styles. For example, they can be made from metal, plastic, wood, or other materials. They can also be decorated with beads, jewels, or mosaic tiles and stones.

Step 1: Close your fingers together

Point your thumb at your pinky finger as far as possible. This makes the top of your hand narrower.

bangle size measure hand

Step 2: Use a tape

And measure the circumference of your hand across the knuckles. Check the video below.

Step 3: Compare to the measurements above

Make sure the bracelet is 2 cm wider than your wrist for an optimal fit. This is about 1 cm bigger than the measured hand size. You can also wet your hand to make the accessory more easily to put on.

Good explanation videos of bangle measurement

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