The Complete Guide to Sock Sizes: US vs. EU, Charts and More

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into sock size charts, explore the differences between the US and EU, discuss the relationship with shoe size, and provide practical tips on determining your sock size.

Sock Size Chart

Here’s a simplified sock size chart that can help you understand the relationship between US, EU, and other sizing systems:

US Sock SizeEU Sock SizeFoot Length Range (cm)
Men’s 9-1239-4224-27
Men’s 12-1643-4627-30
Women’s 5-935-3822-24
Women’s 9-1239-4224-27

What is sock size S, M, L or XL?

When should you wear a S, M, L or XL sock? Take a look at the general guidelines in the chart below.

Sock SizeFoot Size (cm)Foot Size (inches)US Shoe Size (Men/Women)EU Shoe Size (Men/Women)
Small (S)22-24 cm8.7-9.4 inchesMen’s 4-6 / Women’s 4-7EU 35-38 / EU 35-38
Medium (M)24-26 cm9.4-10.2 inchesMen’s 6-8 / Women’s 7-9EU 39-42 / EU 39-41
Large (L)26-28 cm10.2-11.0 inchesMen’s 8-12 / Women’s 9-13EU 43-46 / EU 42-45
X-Large (XL)28-30 cm11.0-11.8 inchesMen’s 12-16 / Women’s N/AEU 47-50 / N/A

Chart in combination with child age

To help you choose the correct sock size for your child, we’ve put together a handy table that includes both foot measurements and age-related guidance. Keep in mind that this chart provides general guidelines.

Age RangeFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (inches)Sock Size
NewbornUp to 9 cmUp to 3.5 inchesNewborn
0-6 months9-11 cm3.5-4.3 inches0-6M
6-12 months11-12 cm4.3-4.7 inches6-12M
1-2 years12-14 cm4.7-5.5 inches1-2T
2-4 years14-16 cm5.5-6.3 inches2-4T
4-6 years16-18 cm6.3-7.1 inches4-6T
6-8 years18-20 cm7.1-7.9 inches6-8T
8-10 years20-22 cm7.9-8.7 inches8-10T
10-12 years22-24 cm8.7-9.4 inches10-12T

Also check the child shoe sizes chart in our other article.

newborn baby child sock size

Sock Size vs. Shoe Size

Understanding the relationship between sock size and shoe size is crucial for achieving optimal comfort. Socks that are too small can be uncomfortably tight, while socks that are too large may lead to bunching and discomfort.

US Sock Size vs. US Shoe Size

In the United States, sock sizes are often directly correlated with shoe sizes. If you know your US shoe size, you can typically choose socks with the same numeric size. For example, if you wear a US shoe size 8, you would generally select US size 8.

EU Sock Size vs. EU Shoe Size

Similarly, the European Union’s sock sizing system is designed to align with EU shoe sizes. If you have an EU shoe size of 41, you would likely look for socks labeled as EU size 41/44.

sock S M L XL differences

Additional tips for choosing the right product

  1. Consider growth room: When selecting socks for children, it’s a good idea to allow some room for growth. Socks that are slightly larger can accommodate growth spurts and ensure a comfortable fit for longer.
  2. Sock thickness: Keep in mind the thickness of the socks. Thicker socks may require slightly larger shoes, so make sure to consider both when shopping for footwear.
  3. Sock materials: Pay attention to the material of the socks, especially if your child has allergies or sensitivities. Choose breathable and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, for everyday wear.
  4. Check the brand’s size guide: Different sock brands may have variations in sizing, so always check the brand’s specific size guide if available.

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