Best Leather Glove Size Guide – How It Fits

In this article we look at the leather glove size for men and women. Each of us has donned gloves at various times and for various causes. Gloves are used for a variety of purposes, including hand protection during manual labor, health-related protection from toxins and pathogens, hand warmth, and purely aesthetic reasons. It’s crucial that your gloves fit properly regardless of the kind you’re wearing.

Leather glove size for men and women

For the right size of leather glove, we mainly look at the circumference of the hand. For winter gloves, the length of the hand is also important. The length is especially important for this type of glove to keep your hand nice and warm. A leather glove should fit much better. That is why we mainly look at the circumference of the hand.

How to measure the right fit

Measure the hand width (hand circumference) by wrapping a tape measure around your hand at the location of your knuckles. Then use the table below to select your fit.

hand circumference measuement

Leather glove size for men

Leather glove size for menHand circumference in cmHand circumference in inches
XS18 cm7 inch
S18 – 20 cm7 – 8 inch
M20 – 23 cm8 – 9 inch
L23 – 25 cm9 – 10 inch
XL25 – 28 cm10 – 11 inch
XXL28 – 30 cm11 – 12 inch

Women Leather glove size

Leather glove size for womenHand circumference in cmHand circumference in inches
XS15 cm6 inch
S15 – 16.5 cm6 – 6.5 inch
M16.5 – 18 cm6.5 – 7 inch
L18 – 19 cm7 – 7.5 inch
XL19 – 20 cm7.5 – 8 inch
XXL20 – 22 cm8 – 8.5 inch

Average glove size for men and women

Adult males, women, and children all have various average hand sizes, and there is also a wide range of hand sizes within each of these groups. In general, length, width, and palm circumference are used to calculate hand size. We’ll talk more about precisely measuring your hands later.

The typical male hand measures 7.6 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 8.6 inches around. Men’s medium or unisex medium-large gloves would be appropriate.

The typical female hand measures 6.8 inches long, 3.1 inches wide, and 7 inches around. This suggests that a medium or unisex small-medium glove would be the typical size for women.

Any decent selection of work gloves will come in a range of sizes, with alternatives to accommodate the hands of the vast majority of individuals. Because of this, the typical individual wears medium-sized gloves, while sizing varies depending on whether gloves are marketed for unisex usage or separately to fit men’s and women’s hands.

Can a leather glove get smaller?

When leather gloves are heated and damp, the leather contracts; depending on the kind of leather, leather gloves can expand and stretch with use. The shrinkage of the leather is a result of soap and detergent use. For this reason, you must use the right cleaning agent to clean your leather gloves. Use natural products wherever possible.

Does a leather glove get bigger?

Leather gloves may expand over time due to use and tear. Ideal leather gloves should be tight but not constrictive. Indeed, leather gloves have a tendency to sag with time. We must reduce them back to their original size in order for them to fit our hands comfortably; this is a rather natural process brought on by repeated use.

Elbow Length Glove

Hands and lower arms are protected by elbow gloves. The gloves cover not only the hands and wrists but also the forearms up to and occasionally just past the elbow. Gloves that reach the elbow can be used for protection or as a fashion statement.

Traditionally, the length starts at the base of the thumb and goes out 8 inches (20 cm). Longer elbow gloves with a size up to 12 inches (30.5 cm) have recently gained popularity.

Do Leather Gloves Keep You Warm?

You would naturally seek the warmest clothing as the temperature begins to fall in order to stay comfortable. On their own, leather gloves typically offer medium warmth and can withstand mild cold conditions. You should choose leather gloves with a lining for additional insulation if the weather is really chilly, or you can choose a different material.

The fact that most leather gloves are water-resistant is another benefit leather possesses for winter weather. Workers that require tough gloves will find leather to be very beneficial. Again, chooising the right size leather glove with a liner for additional insulation will be better in colder temperatures.

Are leather gloves fashionable?

Nothing is more refined and current, regardless of the situation than a tight leather glove. A leather glove is the ideal winter and fall accessory because it can boost your appearance. Gloves boast a wide range of styles, from sleek city slicker to preppy equestrian to old Hollywood grandeur, and we can’t stop gushing over the trend-making accessory. Due to the precise dimensions, the leather glove size is more important than for other leather accessories.

Depending on the color, style, and mood you’re going for, there are a ton of leather glove alternatives available, ranging from practical to trendy and everything in between. It is very challenging to locate the perfect pair of leather gloves due to the fact that they are often considered to be more of an investment piece and one that should last you for many upcoming seasons.

Leather gloves provide a level of refinement that synthetic materials cannot match. Gloves made of superior quality leather radiate luxury and refinement, whether you’re wearing them for business or for fashion. Years after being developed for the working class, these gloves started to become fashionable among the affluent. Only the wealthy could buy genuine leather gloves during the period. It was improper for both men and women to stroll in public while holding nothing in their hands.

They have persisted in being a fashion mainstay up to this point and have evolved over time to fit in with daily living. People have utilized leather gloves to accent their clothing, from winter attire to evening appearances.

leather glove size for men cm inches chart
leather glove size women cm inches chart

Types of leather gloves

Let’s look at 4 different types of leather gloves. This has no further impact on the size of the leather glove. Still, the material is an essential component to consider as well.

Cowhide Leather Hand Gloves

Cowhide is one of the most common forms of leather hides that are used in the production of protective and specialized gloves. Other types of leather hides include deer hide and ostrich hide. They are well-liked for their comfort, affordability, and durability, as well as their resistance to abrasion. They can be used in industries where workers must deal with heat and abrasion since they are heat-resistant.

Pigskin Leather Gloves

Pigskin leather gloves retain their coolness and soften over time. Its porousness is the cause of this. Pigskin leather gloves are a great option if you work in an environment that demands protection, comfort, and freedom of movement. They also offer durability and safety. They are ideal for many commercial applications due to their water resistance.

Deerskin Leather Gloves

In the leather glove industry, deerskin is popular. It is renowned for being supple and malleable. It has a natural resistance to abrasion and is robust. However, grit and dirt may leak into your gloves after repeated use. The natural oil from your hands will spread across the gloves’ surface as well. After use, you can use cornstarch to absorb grit, dirt, and oil.

Goatskin Leather Gloves

For the majority of commercial and industrial applications, goatskin is regarded as the strongest variety. Goatskin leather’s flexibility and durability ensure that your hands are completely protected from all dangers. Your hands can be shielded from inclement weather, heat, wounds, and sparks.

Final Reflections

Leather gloves are robust and can withstand damage without weakening your grip. These gloves also provide an additional layer of weather resistance. The high heat output from your hands might cause frostbite, especially during the colder months. Therefore, it is wise to keep a set of leather gloves in your closet.

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