Shoe Size by Age of Babies, Toddlers and Teens + Trick Explained

Shoe size can vary from person to person, and this is often due to the age of the individual. Therefore, this chart provides a general guideline for shoe size according to age. We first look at the shoe size of babies and toddlers. Finally, we discover the best size for teenagers of different ages. In another article you will find the shoe size for men and women.

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What is the best shoe size for babies, toddlers or teens?

The best shoe size of babies, toddlers and teens is a question that many parents have. The answer to this question depends on the age and foot size of the child. Fortunately, many children grow up with the same proportions. Therefore, the shoe size can also be estimated on the basis of age for babies, toddlers and even teens. Make sure that there is about 2 cm (0.79 inch) extra room to grow. If the foot is the same size as the shoe, it is too small.

Shoe size of babies chart

Children’s feet grow fast in the first year. For example, most 6 month old babies have US shoe size 2 (EU size 17). Because their foot size is about 3.9 inch (10 cm). Once a child is 1 year old, it often has shoe size 5 (EU size 20). So in the first year they already have 5 different sizes.

Baby ageUS shoe sizeEU shoe sizeFoot length in inchFoot length in cm
0 – 1 months0153.4 inch8.6 cm
1 – 3 months1163.7 inch9.3 cm
3 – 6 months2173.9 inch10 cm
6 – 9 months3 or 418 or 194.3 – 4.6 inch11 – 11.6 cm
9 – 12 months5204.8 inch12.3 cm

Sizes of toddler shoes table

A toddler of 3 years old has shoe size 8 (EU size 24), because this is ideal for a 5.9 inch (15 cm) foot size. A year later, so when the child is 4 years old, they usually have US size 10 for shoes. That is EU size 27.

Toddler ageUS shoe sizeEU shoe sizeFoot length in inchFoot length in cm
1 – 1.5 years5.5215.1 inch13 cm
1.5 – 2 years6225.4 inch13.7 cm
2 – 2.5 years7235.7 inch14.4 cm
2.5 – 3 years8245.9 inch15 cm
3 – 3.5 years9256.1 inch15.6 cm
3.5 – 4 years9.5266.4 inch16.3 cm

Kids shoe size table

From the age of 8 they can usually already switch to young adult sizes. That is why the counter in the United States starts again at one.

Child ageUS shoe sizeEU shoe sizeFoot length in inchFoot length in cm
4 years10276.7 inch17 cm
5 years11287 inch17.7 cm
6 years12297.2 inch18.4 cm
7 years13307.5 inch19 cm
8 years13.5 or 131 or 327.6 – 8 inch19.7 or 20.4 cm
9 years2338.3 inch21 cm
10 years3348.5 inch21.7 cm
11 years3.5358.8 inch22.3 cm

Shoe dimensions for teens in an overview

Teen ageUS shoe sizeEU shoe sizeFoot length in inchFoot length in cm
12 years4369 inch23 cm
13 years5379.3 inch23.6 cm
14 years6389.5 inch24.3 cm
15 years7399.8 inch25 cm

From size 6 and above, it is better to use this full table for adults, because there are differences between women’s and men’s feet.

child holding shoe size

How does the age shoe size trick work?

Did you know that a few years ago there was a trick to estimate your age with your shoe size? The formula goes like this: (Your US shoe size x 5 + 50) x 20 + 1022 – year you are born = shoe size and age

For example, I have shoe size 11 and I am born in 1991. Than it goes like this: (11 × 5 + 50) x 20 + 1022 – 1991 = 1131

Notice the first two digits are the shoe size and the last two is your age. It’s now the year 2022. So that’s why you’re using 1022. In the year 2025, you’re using the number 1025. You can read more about it on another website.

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